Slow loading of GLB files with textures compared to Threejs

Hello together,

I am currently trying to reduce the loading time of a scene with about 30 materials. Some have textures, some do not. Unfortunately I noticed that the GLB file loads much faster with Threejs (almost instantly) compared to Babylonjs (~5-6 seconds).

The easiest way to reproduce the problem is to open the GLB file in versus

I was able to isolate the problem and think it must have something to do with the textures. When I delete the textures the model loads very fast, as soon as I add textures to the materials the problem occurs.

I have reduced the size of the textures and they are all saved as jpg.

Now my question: how can I achieve approximately the same fast loading times as with Threejs?

Tested with MAC Apple M1 Max / Firefox 114.0b2 (64-bit)

This sounds like a bug to me and 5-6 s is huge :frowning:

Could you share a model that repros your issue ?

I don’t reproduce on Windows. Whether it is the sandbox or the Three.js viewer, on Chrome it loads between 1s-2s and on Firefox between 2s-3s.

@sebavan The file url is inside the PG.

Thank you for your support!

The file: (1.2 MB)

I made a small screen capture to visualize the problem better:

I do not repro it either :frowning: I hope we ll be able to soon put our fingers on this one :slight_smile:

@Johannes can you share a perf capture from when you load ? we should see the culprit there

I am calmed that the problem only occurs with my setup. If it only loads slowly on Mac with Firefox, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Unfortunately I don’t know if this helps to identify the problem?

This refresh driver tick at the bottom could be the reason ?