Access local files on MacOS in playground

How can i access local files in the playground on MacOS?
E.g. when a url=“/someFolder/someImage.jpg”, what folder is it looking at?
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I believe you can check the full link by dropping the file in a browser (i.e. chrome) or use the terminal to check access to the link.
If in your user folder, the link should be something like:

If on another disk, it should be something like:

tried it but that doesn’t work
i get the lovely red checkerboard :grinning:

you cant access local files from a browser via a file url. on any browser or OS. Nothing to do with mac alone. It’s a security restriction for obvious reasons.

Meaning from playground running in a web domain. If you are using some build tools to run the playground locally on your machine then those files would be accessed like a server would , not using the file protocol, the exact relevant path could also depend on how the tool mounts the web application.

( I believe there are flags you can start up a browser like chrome with via CMD line to permit it to bypass these sandbox restrictions , but I have not personally tried it )

OK - I’ll rake it as a given then - uploading it is :wink:
Thanks for commenting.


Oops.:face_with_hand_over_mouth: 'Should really learn to read the entire content. I guess I stopped at ‘access local files on MacOS’ :zipper_mouth_face:
Thx for completing the answer (providing the correct answer). My apologies.