Accessing private fields when extending SPS

Hi all,

I am currently extending the SolidParticleSystem setParticles() to implement custom billboarding.

The private fields like _camera, _positions32, _normals32 are pretty necessary in my case, but Typescript would not allow accessing these fields as they are private.

Is it possible to change these fields to protected, or is there any workaround without casting them one by one like this["_camera"] as Camera?

Yes, there’s no problem to change these fields to protected: are you willing to make a PR for that?

I have created a PR changing all private to protected:

I want to take this opportunity to say that you guys are amazing!

The speed of answering questions and providing support is blowing me away.

I am really enjoying playing with Babylon.js and am grateful to have a chance to contribute (a trivial one though lol) on this project!