ActionManager hoverCursor conflict with GUI ADV (GUI / Action Manager)


In this example, after clicking on the sphere, hoverCursor becomes default. This is not correct behavior. The cursor must remain “wait”.

If you remove adv from the code, everything will work.

Apparently, there is something with the layers. How to solve this problem without resorting to crutches?

Don’t know. Haven’t used this so far but I’d say that you did set this parameter in your actionManager but didn’t ask to change this parameter ‘on pick’. So I’d say this behavior is what I would expect. As I said, I’m not an expert on this thing (far from it). Though if it was me, I would simply solve it like this:

Edit: Oops! Just did read your post again and you are saying that your cursor changes. Didn’t realize because it doesn’t do it for me. From your PG, the cursor remains on wait after pick (chrome on mac).

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This looks like a regression cc @PolygonalSun

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Just an update, I don’t believe that this is a regression or at least the behavior described goes as far back as 4.0, with respect to the provided PG. I have found the lines that are changing the cursor (lines 795-797 of advancedDynamicTexture.ts):

if (!this._cursorChanged && !scene.doNotHandleCursors) {

The only area where this._cursorChanged is true is after the changeCursor function has been executed. As far as fixing or providing a workaround, I’ll have to ask around to see if I’m missing something. @RaananW and @carolhmj, if you think I’m missing something or have any ideas, please let me know.

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I can’t see a reason why this behavior was in, so I say go for the fix :thinking: The only thing to be aware of is pointerBlocker behavior - i.e, if a Control is pointerBlocker, then it should block the cursor changing on hover for the ActionManager. This works as expected right now ActionManager hover conflict with adv texture | Babylon.js Playground ( (you can test with the red square which is pointerBlocker), so the fix should keep this behavior.

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Just an update, I’m currently testing a fix for this. I’ll update when I have a PR up.