Add keyframes to Inspector properties

In short what I want:

  1. In the “Scene Explorer” create new animation group.
  2. In the Inspector for all vector-like property add new keyframe.

When we import gltf file with animation the Scene Explorer contain Animation group:

But when we create a new scene, the Scene Explorer does not contain this item in the explorer. So first — we should always have an Animation groups by default all the time.

Second, to create a new group we should have an ability for this, as it works with Rendering pipelines or Particle systems.

After create a new group and (or) animation channel like this:

Note: for new animation channel we should define first and last frames, and fps and define as default.

There are should appear keyframe buttons for all params like colors, vectors, sliders, floats, etc.
I think it should be like this:

As it works in the Blender:


LMB click by new romb button adds new keyframes with current value to the default animation channel with current frame index.
RMB click opens contenxt menu with all available channels.

Looks like I can do it for my own purpose via “monkey patching” or fork the Inspector. But probably the functions like this could be useful for Inspector and community and we can do it together? What do you think?

Hmmm wouldn’t the ACE - The Animation Curve Editor | Babylon.js Documentation ( already fit this purpose?

How to animate mesh visibility or rendering pipeline effects with ACE? Manually add new line for each property? No, it is not user-friendly. For one or two params maybe, but working with 10-200 animatable params with this pipeline is impossible.
My approach is target to be useful for designers. I just had a two-hour long meeting with them today :smiley:

cc @Deltakosh an @PatrickRyan

That is a massive change and something more for an editor than an inspector. I want to keep it simple to use and maintain. My recommendation would be to do the animation work either in code or in a DCC tool.

Inspector is not meant to be an editor (Maybe @julien-moreau can do that in his editor though?)


But let me amend my answer: If a community member is willing to contribute that support I will not block it :wink: even if I always be on the side of using the inspector as a debugger not a scene creator (not the same job)

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Resonable =)

So, I probably make some PRs to make Inspector more customizable. I really like the explorerExtensibility and additionalNodes options that we already have!


For this one, I am all in :slight_smile:


@Dok11 in case, setting up animations is still in my todolist for the editor. The main missing feature I have to release that kind of tool is editing the curves of the animations like the ACE does in the inspector