Issue with Sandbox Inspector

I was looking at the Inspector series of videos, so I loaded an animated figure, that was exported from Blender, into the Sandbox. And then looked at Episode 7 of the series (trevor’s video) and I did not get an “animation group” or any animation visible in the Inspector.

Is this because the model used in the video comes from elsewhere - 3DMax, GTLF etc? Blender left behind again?

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

Blender does not export animation groups yet but this is something we could discuss with @JCPalmer for .baylon format.

I think that Blender exports .gltf with animation groups though (pinging @bghgary to be sure)

Yeah, Animation groups are newer than Animation ranges. I do not know what they are, and not a great incentive for me to try and figure out so far, as nothing was pointed out that they did, which animation ranges did not until now.

Right now I am working in MakeHuman. I put it on my short list of things to look into. Actually the only other thing on that list is Clearcoat.

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Animation groups where mostly introduce to align with glTF needs of a centralized way of grouping animations across multiple objects

But can an object have multiple animation groups? That’s what Animation ranges allow, e.g. walk, run.

Actually this is the opposite here, you can have multiple animation groups which point to several meshes:

@Deltakosh and @JCPalmer : Not a big issue for me, I use the Sandbox to get total meshes, verts and draw calls, as some of the code I used to use seems to have been deprecated. I brought it up mainly for new BJS/Blender users who might be using Blender 2.80 and get a little confused.

And as you might guess, that is fine by me Jeff. Anything that improves the links between Blender and MH is only good for Blender, MH and of course BJS.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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FWIW, Blender does export animations groups for glTF. See glTF 2.0 — Blender Manual. I’ve never done it myself though.