Some Feature for ACE

  1. Add KeyPoint Change Event in Context (now only have frame/value change observable, we can’t get inTangent/outTangent changed event)
  2. Add a properity in Context to decide whether last key’s frame could be changed
  3. Add a properity in Context to decide whether last key’s value could be changed
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Let me add @Deltakosh to the thread as I am not entirely sure how this would be helpful if not used by ACE ?

Like this. I use AnimationGroup to help GlobalTime to control each parameter influenced by time, when editor those curve, I hope the last key’s frame always keep 96

Wanna do a PR for it?

yes, I will PR today

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I’ve been wondering if BBL needs a lit hermite curve data type?
I used to work with Unity, I think it creates more possibilities and allows us to control parameters more precisely.

We try to keep ace simple but feel free to drop here the design you have in mind

ACE already uses Hermite to do curves as does Unity, so I’d be curious what additional curve type you are expecting.

I think animation is cost too much for a properity. The additional curve type should be very lit with free range. As we all know Animation curve’s frame must be int, if I need a curve which is sampler from 0 to 1, I need to scale it N times to make sure it can be editted in ACE. This lit hermite curve type can be created with free range. I create a reactComponent to show a button in Inspector , if clicked, it will convert this curve to animation Curve with frame scaling(may 100X) and then pop ACE. When editing curve, hermite curve will update automatically.

So far I’m not sure I want more complexity in the engine around animations :slight_smile: