Add Smooth Transition with ArcRotateCamera

I’m a bit confused on how to implement a third person camera that smoothly lags behind the player similar to this example:

Tried to implement it my own project had no luck. Is it possible to add such a delay to the ArcRotateCamera? I have all the functionality I need beside the slight delay for the camera to smoothly follow the character.


Place the pivot point where you want it to be and modify the lerp speed.

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Thanks, it’s close to what I was looking for but seems to break after doing some testing.

How can it break?

If clicked at the wrong point the camera get stuck at the last position clicked for some reason

Dude, you are not supposed to copy paste the whole code. :see_no_evil:

The idea of the chase cam is to set a pivot point behind your player. Imagine that the pivot point is attached to the end of a stick which is sticking out from the player’s head backwards slightly offsetted up. Basically you want to parent and offset this point (transformnode) to the player so when he moves or rotates the pivot point moves / rotates as well. Now the only thing you want to do is to lerp the camera position and rotation to match this point’s position and the player’s rotation.

I’ll post a playground shortly. I did make some adjustments for it to follow a target near the player and it works for a time, but occasionally it will break if clicked.

I’m looking more so for something along the lines of this but with the camera lerping between positions. Just having trouble wrapping my head around everything

Ok, that’s good. We can then solve your problem much more quicker and easier!