Add triangle index to Havok PhysicsRaycastResult

I would like to propose the inclusion of a triangle index in the PhysicsRaycastResult of the Havok Engine. Having access to the triangle index would be incredibly valuable when implementing object selection functionality, as it would allow us to ignore back facing triangles. This enhancement would enable us to provide a more intuitive and accurate user experience when interacting with objects.

cc @Cedric, @carolhmj

It’s already mentioned in this issue : [Physics] raycast filtering · Issue #13795 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Yup I’ve started working on this a while ago :slight_smile: Had to stop for a bit but I can get back to it soon.


Thanks @Cedric, didn’t mean to spam. That was me talking about it in that thread, but thought it deserved its own feature request and was trying to follow the github issue template.

@carolhmj should I create an issue to track this?

Thanks for the offer but there’s no need, that’s already captured in the raycast filtering issue :grin: