Adding metadata to lights in Blender export

Is there anyway any metadata to lights. On meshes we have tagging, which serves that purpose, but I can’t find any options for lights.

I’m finding vague references in older forum posts to metadata and userData, but looking through the exporter code, I’m not seeing anywhere that it’s set.

Pinging our blender exporter @JCPalmer

Answer is no. Tags is one of the few things I did not add to the exporter. Guess tags are not members of meshes, but meshes are members of Tags object. You can try to add the stuff from to, but I have no idea if anything will come through.

If you wish to only include certain meshes for a given light, you can place the light within a collection with the meshes, and check ‘This collection Only’

Thanks for confirming. I was hoping for doing this like “Flag this light as flickering”. Flag this point light specially as a shadow generator (as that’s not currently supported in the blender export).

For anyone else looking for something along these lines, my backup plan is to just use the light’s name for some very small amounts of metadata.