ADOBE material extension

Hi. I discovered recently this. Which on web is using babylonJS :muscle:
At a deep read, I saw that they added an extension for gltf material, here

I downloaded their program trial, upload my mesh, add materials, open it in web and it looks very well.
Now I took glb used in this scene and simple import in other scene, but it lost the transparency, so my question is; if we can use adobe material extension in some way in our scenes, by default, or enable it in some way?

This extension looks nice!

It make me think at this playground example:

Yes this will soon be part of an official extension

Yes, but this is something build-in i think and not from code, if there are many materials with different properties then is hard to handle all of them.

Thanks. Iā€™m waiting for it :yum:

Hi. Any updates on this?

There is a gltf meetup organised by khronos just RIGHT now (all the week) :slight_smile:

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I had a feeling :smile:

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