Is there support for transparencies in GLTF?

Specifically, “ADOBE_materials_thin_transparency”

According to this README, there are folks working on this at Adobe and Microsoft but I don’t see it anywhere in the code. Is it possible?


Hiya A. I have no answer for that, but I found something possibly interesting:

I don’t understand very much about exporting advanced materials, but I DO understand part of the caption for the LAST picture on that page: “Simple implementation using Babylon.js engine. This implementation uses the mip levels of the captured opaque scene to approximate scattering of transmitted light.

Me, I would find this Mike Bond chap… and trade him a bucket of chicken… for his BJS folder from his hard drive. :slight_smile: At minimum, scratch his belly until he starts talking.

Stay tuned for other/wiser comments… hopefully coming soon. And if you DO speak-with Mr. Bond, and/or get some cool custom BJS scenes from his BJS folder… do share, eh? THX!

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Great advice! I’ve reached out to him and will report back if I hear anything. If there has already been work done for this, I’d love to try and help get it merged into Babylon.

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I heard back from Mike Bond. Here is his experimental repo.

He pointed out that Khronos is working on approval of an official extension to handle transparencies:

Hopefully folks like @Deltakosh can help guide the Babylon side of things. This would be a KILLER feature.

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It will go in as soon as the GLTF extension has been approved. Thanks to Mike s great work on it :slight_smile:

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