After loading 3dTiles, the rotating model will flash

After loading 3dTiles, the rotating model will flash ,Using the same 3dtiles file



Could you share a PG? It’s kind of hard to tell just like that but if I had to make a guess, I’d say its likely an issue with the zOffset/minZ of the material/camera.

How to introduce third-party plugins in pg? I am using

You have a point there :grinning: What about a small video and some code extract?

Thank you. That should help. Since I don’t know this plugin let me call-in some people from the Team who might know @RaananW @Evgeni_Popov . It will just require a little bit of patience. Shouldn’t be all too long. Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

Can we use this plugin as a basis to launch the official 3dtiles Babylon plugin, which can solve the problem of slow loading of Babylon

does it work well without using ? is it this step that fails, or does babylon render the model incorrectly?

Without using loaders. gl, babylonjs cannot load the 3tiles file, so the problem cannot be determined

well, then this is something we can try fixing! instead of using an external library to fix an issue with babylon, let’s fix the issue with babylon.
Would you be able to reproduce that in the playground?

I hope so, but I don’t know how to import external plugins on PG? For example,

Without a live repro it’s hard to tell, but I would also say it’s a z-fighting problem, so modifying the zOffset property of the material may help.

I’m not sure what is needed on Babylon.js side, as it already works (as your demo demonstrates)? Maybe a page in the doc site would be nice.

Definitely some z fighting as @Evgeni_Popov mentioned.

hello,do you konw how to Modify the position or scale of these 3dtiles? I use the same loading method as you, but don’t know how to modify it.Hope to get your reply.

you can change .position or .scaling on any meshes.