After the gltf model uses thin instances, how to manage these animations separately

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I have a gltf model, he has three actions, namely idle, attack, die, I created 1000 clones using thin instance, but these are all playing the same action, like idle. Is there a way to manage the actions of these clones separately? What I probably want is some in idle, some in attack, some in die. I checked some articles and it seems that all thin instances can only play the same action

That is true.

Since they are thin instances, they are not clones in this case, they are just thin instances.

If it is a clone there is no problem. If this is an instance or thin instance, there is no way :frowning:

Actually there is a way, you can use baked texture animations.

There are some limitations, but at least it’s a way to use different animations in the thin instance case:

There are also a number of threads in the forum related to baked texture animations (or VAT).


This method seems a bit difficult. It seems that the animation data of the model needs to be converted. The animation of the model relies on the time variable for unified management, and does not manage its own actions separately.

Is it possible to switch instances when the object changes its motion? For example, I start to create an idle instance, delete the idle instance when it needs to become an attack, and create a new attack instance in the original idle place. If they can trick the glasses when switching, that’s a nice touch. At present, I have created 1000 models with examples, and the frame rate can be kept at 140. If the clone method is implemented, the frame rate may not be so high

There exist a trick to substitute instance with clone on the fly in case of need, but I haven’t seen examples of such animated models. For usual static meshes it is quite simple; with animations one need to consider also how animations will blend with each other so the substitution would be smooth.

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yes,checkout the solution in this post Can thin instances be animated? - Questions - Babylon.js (