Agent teleports to the edge of the map (Crowd Navigation System)


Here is a demo Babylon.js Playground

I made a test location in order to understand how the agent can work. Everything works well, but sometimes the agent itself teleports to the edge of the map. This happens when the agent passes through the points that I marked in the screenshots.

Sometimes the agent teleports to the edge of the map during long transitions from one part of the map to another.

My question is how do I get rid of these teleporters so that the agent just follows its path normally?

@Cedric is the king of the navigation system

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I can repro! It’s indeed really wierd. Let me take a closer look.

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I think it’s related to navmesh creation parameters. I could not repro anymore with this config:

Agent Rebounds | Babylon.js Playground (

can you check @Nawar ?


Yes, now it works for all stairs and lifts! Thanks!