AI Game Maker - First Release!

Thanks for the feedback @arcman7 !!

Re: height of ground: I had the spawn point set too low for that asset. It’s now adjusted now so that character spawns above ground.

Re: NPC size: to make NPC (or any object) bigger, click pencil and then the mesh - and then you get all the gizmos. (i haven’t quite found the right algo to rescale every object to a reasonable size for that object - so some are too tiny and some are too big). You can also adjust the personality of the NPC here - so you could really tweak how the NPC interacts with players…

I also noticed you put on the rain, but then it gets buried in the environment mesh… another bug! Gotta figure out how to raise the rain’s Y position to above ground.

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I also noticed you put on the rain, but then it gets buried in the environment mesh… another bug! Gotta figure out how to raise the rain’s Y position to above ground.

You already know how! Just use ammo.js or havok for that sweet raycasting :smiley:

If you’re implementing the rain with a shader, then you can set the entire ground height by passing it the heightmap as a texture and sample it to query for the height at a given location.

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New demo video: moving mountains

(and fixed a few of the things ya’ll mentioned last time)


Cool !! However the ground couldn’t be changed, I couldn’t add any NPCs. A smaller issue, the snow is falling only in the middle of the screen :slight_smile:

I like the website design a lot!

I am very interested what will this evolve to! The idea is brilliant! I wish you the best on your journey to finish the product!


Thanks for giving it a try! Appreciate the feedback.
I just updated the NPC system to make it a bit easier… looks like this now:

Love to know if it’s working better if you get a chance to give it another go.

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Got a new demo about controlling the weather. Super fun:


This is so coool !!!


New demo up, using @Evgeni_Popov’s absolutely amazing OceanGPU code - and making much use of his advice as well. Thank you so much Evgeni for explaining how it all worked. This was one of the most fun projects to date - b/c the ocean is just so beautiful and endlessly interesting.

@PirateJC pirate ship for you buddy.


this is awesome !!!

New demo video! One of my favorite things to do as a kid, building dioramas, is now also my favorite thing to do as an adult. You can visit this diorama here: Extra Great AI - Scene - My Little Farm


WTF @bigrig !!! this is really so coool .

Thanks @sebavan !!

hi @bigrig,

Your work is really amazing. Maybe i have a silly question because i don’t understand quite much in AI generative process.

Did you do this by your own or did you use an API programming on an existing one ?

Thanks for your answer.


hey @bvaisman - the app is built on babylon - but structured in a way that allows it to be controlled by the LLM (i’m using Azure and OpenAI). so if you say something like “Make it dark and stormy” - that request is interpreted by the LLM - and then sent back to the Babylon client-side for execution.


This tool is amazing and in next years probably such tools will be used to malke movies… but I can’t get it working: all my objects get placed underground, what am I doing wrong?




heya @jumpjack2 - select the “edit” tool to move and resize your objects.



thanks, but I found that the right tool is “move”, not “resize”; but probably it’s a bug that objects are placed by default with their center on the plane , rather than with their bottom side.