AI Game Maker - First Release!

Hi all!
After many moons of work with great gratitude to this community, I’d love to invite you to be the first try out my AI game maker. The concept is: describe your game - and then with AI as your co-pilot, create a video game that you can share and play with friends.

The genesis of the idea is: during the pandemic, I tried to get my 11yr old son into making games (which he was playing, of course, all the time). But learning Lua for Roblox Studio was just too big of a leap for him. So, I wanted to make a game-maker where anyone could turn their creative game ideas into reality without the technical barrier. Like Roblox, but AI powered and built for web browser.

I would just love it if you would give it a try and let me know your thoughts / feedback / improvement ideas / bugs discovered. You are the first to give it a try!

In terms of roadmap, Phase 1 was to get environment building, publishing, multi-player, chat, and AI powered NPCs working:

  • [done] environment: build env with ai-matched “game boards”
  • [done] multi-player: with share via link
  • [done] multi-player: play and collaborative edit modes
  • [done] multi-player: friends-can-edit on/off
  • [done] magic bar: make environmental edits via prompts
  • [done] magic bar: add/adjust assets via prompt (eg: add a boulder)
  • [done] skyboxes: pre-set and generated via blockade (eg: add a sky with fireworks)
  • [done] weather: fog, rain, smoke
  • [done] time of day: morning to night
  • [done] ground: pre-set material options (don’t like how this came out yet)
  • [done] object edit: object picking and editing options (copy, move, size, rotate, 6of, delete)
  • [done] object edit: add gravity
  • [done] NPCs: create new NPC / give AI personality
  • [done] NPCs: insert into game / edit AI personality
  • [done] Chat: chat with other players or AI-NPCs
  • [done] Chat: generate speech audio for NPCs
  • [done] Avatar: change color
  • [done]: Avatar: change avatar
  • [next]: Avatar: swim
  • [next]: Player to object actions (eg: open door, pick up)
  • [next]: Undo edits
  • [next]: NPC behaviors (chase, attack, follow, give object/currency, take object/currency)
  • [next]: Mobile controls
  • [next]: Players can physically interact with physics objects
  • [next]: Portal to other boards

And phase II is gameplay.
I’m currently working out how to best do gameplay - will most likely pick one genre to start with, like RPG and create a RPG templating system. Happy to hear your ideas!



Looks good, website is nice. Make any game? Ok. Went to make a Bulldozer ('95) clone and got stuck on picking the game board. Fancy and nice, but lacking true customization. Just my 2 cents!

Nice work, thx for sharing :smiley:

Thanks. What do you mean you got stuck? What happened?

My apologies. “Stuck” is the wrong word. I had the wrong idea thinking we could literally make any game, but the presets are kinda “your” game. I actually went back to try again but was greeted with a login signup screen right after that so I can’t tell you more.

Website is good though, just a little hang loading the boards but it’s nice

Interesting idea! cc @PirateJC

Im not familiar with Bulldozer 95, but looks like kind of a 2d puzzle game from the screenshots? If you wanted to do something like that you could start with the empty “game board” and build out walls and boulders and drop in a bulldozer.

That said - I’m at “environment build” phase of the roadmap to date - building out game play mechanics/tools is the next phase… I’m super interested in the kinds of games people would like to make - so that I can build out the most useful mechanics building tools first. My gut is to tackle RPG mechanics as the first go.

Here’s a sample of how you might do a bulldozer game environment:

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Here is first demo video:


If you remove the login registration stuff (at least temporarily) I’ll try again, very cool. Nice quality video :+1:

So the AI part, what is it? What’s going on behind the scenes? Are you using some kind of OpenAI functionality with machine learning or is it more custom hard coded AI?

Sure thing. Here’s a beta code that you can use (and for anyone else on this thread): babyonjsfriends

In terms of AI, there are a number of things going on:

  • interpretation of “magic bar” commands to one or more internal API calls (this is the heart of using the LLM as copilot for game environment making)
  • semantic matching of game concept or object concept prompts to library assets
  • generation of skybox assets (currently using blockade)
  • NPC chat responses and speech generation

And upcoming is 3d awareness for the LLM - so that it can run as a sort of OS for game play.

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Really? Thx! That deserves a fresh beer! :beers:

Uh oh…

Ah - that first link now requires the code… here’s an updated link:

@bigrig I seriously have been waiting for this moment all summer! So excited for what you’ve been building!

Just starting to jump in and it looks like the link you provided is still requiring a sign in. Not a problem for me though.

Your starting video tutorial was fantastic as well.

I can’t wait to try out the AI copilot stuff!

I’m not going to say that you’ve already captured the imagination of the child inside of me…but…


Nice! You can also put a pirate NPC in there that talks salty…

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Got a video showing how to generate a skybox


I’m trying it out, and I’m here to be one of your first Q&A people:

  • fix height of the physics ground
  • make npc’s a little larger lol

Otherwise, this is an amazing project. Kudos man, I love it!

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You are supposed to swallow that NPC!


This game rocks. 10/10 for npc realism

I decided to use babylon.js or three.js after watching one Unity tutorial. This is on point.