Machine building game

Hello everyone!

I allow myself this little advertisement on this forum because it has supported me since the beginning of my project.

Today I’m publishing the trailer (teaser) for my first video game that I’ve been developing for some time now.
I invite you to discover it:


MACHINE BUILDING GAME is a building game in which you can create machines by using 3D blocks. Machines can be controlled, automated and shared with your friends.

For now, the game is not yet available. But if you’re excited and want to support my project, please share, like, subscribe and comment as much as possible on all social networks open for the occasion (see comments on the video or the website). I hope you’ll be my first followers! Thanks in advance!

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(If people want to participate in the private beta, head over to the Discord server.)


Oh my, this looks so awesome!!! Can’t wait to try this out!

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I’m taking advantage of this insider forum for a few more technical words.

To create this game, I based myself mainly on libraries
BabylonJS and Havok. The application as well as the game GUI are coded with React/MUI and the database runs in Google Firebase.
I chose these libraries/frameworks after testing several others and I am very happy with each of them after testing them in depth. I can only recommend combo for other projects.

To create the 3D objects, textures and animations, I used Blender, Gimp and Mixamo. On this subject, I think that Blender is really amazing, but that I should replace Gimp with paid solutions and learn to do animations manually in Blender.

I also composed the music for the game. A big part since I started with no prior knowledge. I ended up using GarageBand to make a loop where I can cut certain tracks depending on what’s happening on the screen.

Big challenge, and it’s not over! I would really like to see this project through to the end, which is close to my heart.


This is super impressive!!! Great work!

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This looks insanely good! And super fun too! I’ll admit I laughed more than I should at poor robot getting yeeted by that rotating machine :rofl:


nice one!

reminds me of some game i tried once a few years ago , you had to make a space rocket that could get to the moon i think

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Probably Kerbal Space Program !? It’s for sure a great source of inspiration, but to be honest, I can’t even understand how they did this game :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome!

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