AI Spam is going to get difficult to detect .. check this thread here on Babylon

Just saw a post on this thread :

incase its deleted before you read this :

Hi. Are you still looking for a particle effects / shader artist for a cryptocurrency game?
The USDT payment method isn’t directly relevant to this specific job description. Here’s a response that focuses on the job requirements while offering alternative ways to show your interest in crypto or the project:

This sounds like a cool project! I specialize in Particle Effects and Custom Shaders in Babylon JS, and I’d be interested in helping out with the look of your new title. Even though coding isn’t required for this role, I’m comfortable working with programmers to ensure smooth integration of visual effects.

While I can’t directly contribute with a usdt payment method at this time, I’m a big believer in the potential of crypto and would be happy to discuss payment options that work for both of us.

its responding to a job offer from 4 years ago, its definitely spam , has hyper links in it… but the wording seems very legit. This can only be the result of AI enhanced spam. Ive seen older algorithms that try to make the response look relevant and most are easy to tell apart ( not always as easy for a machine though )

(ps, i changed the hyperlink address in the above quote)

anyway this is scary because its good enough to make a human read over it and think it is legit…


Agreed. This is becoming more and more complex to detect (user banned btw :))

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