Allow changing Keyboard Shortcuts from the UI



Babylon’s Playground keyboard shortcuts clash with some browser and globally defined shortcuts.
Looking around the forum this seems to happen for a few people.


Allow users to change the keyboard shortcuts from within the UI or a simple config file/profile.
Ideally users would be able to set their own shortcuts, but choosing from a small set of profiles could work (which would help with some platform specific profiles).

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ping @RaananW

As mentioned in a different post, we are not there yet :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to keep this as a future feature request when we revamp the playground. There is currently no plan to do it, but I don’t see us add UI to change the keys in the near future.

Just out of curiosity - what shortcuts collide with browser functionality?

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Things app and the default changing input source on macOS

I am so sorry, but I am not sure what any of those are…

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Ah sorry,
Things is a very popular ToDo list app for Apple devices.
The input sources are useful for multi-language inputs (I have a Portuguese and English setup). I think on windows it’s equivalent to win+space

What shortcut does not work for instance?

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Oh I forgot to mention (this started from another post and forgot to add context).
In this case ctrl+space

ctrl+space is managed by monaco project so I need to check with them (did you try Cmd+space?)

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it should be cmd+space on a mac. It is possible to change it, but I think the issue is more the UI for that and less changing the shortcuts.

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It still uses ctrl+space (I tried disabling the conflicting shortcuts and playground works)

Cmd+space does spotlight by default which is a widely used feature on Mac, I’d recommend not assigning anything to it.

IntelliJ I think assigned ctrl+shift+space for auto completion for this reason

This is something we need to bring to Monaco team then
Wanna create an issue there: microsoft/monaco-editor: A browser based code editor ( ?

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Will do once I’m back to my machine, thanks!!