`CTRL+SPACE` in Playground does not work

When I learn by the very first docs on (theFirstStep)[The Very First Step | Babylon.js Documentation].
Ok it’s time for another addition to the scene. After all of your ground-related code, give yourself a little space by hitting enter and on a new line press CTRL+SPACE. This will spawn a list of playground templates.

Both on my mac and windows laptop, I input CTRL+SPACE.
It doesn’t work.
It this deprecated or something change?

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Don’t you see this:

when pressing ctrl+space?

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I’m unable to repro the issue. Just out of curiosity, what browsers have you tried this on?

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I found the reason accidentially.
It’s the collision for switching input mode in Chinese input method on Windows.

When I switch input method to English.
That is OK.

Thanks for your quick reply.@RaananW

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Is there any way to change the shortcut in the playground?

not that I am aware of maybe @RaananW would know one ?

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Only in code (i.e. - when we build it). No way of doing it when the playground is already running

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Thanks! For now I left it as a feature request at Allow changing Keyboard Shortcuts from the UI

I’m new to both Babylon and this forum, but if you point me in the right direction and if you’re happy with the suggestion I could try to implement it.

CTRL-Space is the standard combination to trigger auto-complete in any IDE. I know many IDEs will let you configure the keys that are used for every command, but we are not yet there when it comes to our playground.
We will keep the issue for a future revamp of the playground :slight_smile:

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Sounds good, thanks for the reply :blush:

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