Alpha test mode bug

@Lun can you provide a simple repro in the playground ? and explain a bit the behavior you are observing ?

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The original post is pretty bad, but from what I understand it seems he is observing that alpha testing should be hiding the fully transparent regions, and even when he changes the alpha slider (which should be multiplied by the texture map’s alpha color) the region that’s invisible during ALPHA_BLEND mode (beginning of the video) is still showing up.

I’m guessing, but this might be related to the fact that alpha testing is linked to the albedo texture and not the opacity texture if that’s what you’re using to render those reeds. Though presumably the entire thing should vanish when you drag the alpha slider under 0.4 (the default cutoff).

Make sure you’re not setting mesh.material.alphaCutOff on accident.


Hi @Lun just checking in, are you still having issues?