AMP 360 Video vs Video Dome

Using Video dome on mobile crashes (Iphone11) every single time, I wanted to know whether AMP was the better option? or whether i was using Video dome incorrectly.

 this.videoDome = new BABYLON.VideoDome("videoDome", "./assets/videos/City-360-video-5mbps.mp4", {
            resolution: 32,
            clickToPlay: true,
            loop: false
          }, scene);

it should not crash
adding @RaananW

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should not crash, of course :slight_smile:

Want to send me a playground? maybe the video as well? what is the resolution of the video?

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You are right it should not crash and it was partially our fault as we had set the resolution to 256 in the build but setting it to 32 works, we also had all of the 3D scene still active so setting these to disabled seemed to help a lot.

Im wondering a way i can copy all the important code over without breaking nda. but essentially:

-3D Scene with about 250K faces, 100 Materials and 150 textures
-User clicks on Headset Prop and then the Video Dome code starts up.
-5-6 Video textures autoplaying on various screens.

If i gave it a high resolution, and/or left the scene turned on along with any videos also running, and THEN played a Video Dome, i would get a ‘AWW SNAP!’ message on chrome as in out of memory.

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