Does VideoDome work on Firefox?

In the docs I’ve found some curios information about VideoDome. I’ve tried to check it by running this playground

  • Firefox 104.0: just a black screen with a sound on the background
  • Chrome: works fine

OS: Linux Mint, GPU: GTX 980.

Is that problem with a video driver?

Huh interesting, here the video plays but without sound:

I’m on Windows 10 with a Quadro iirc :thinking:

There is no reason that the video dome won’t work on firefox. from my test there was an issue with the audio, but this is expected, as audio context is only enabled when the scene is executed by a user interaction (i.e. click). Otherwise, you see this:

Are you trying to run the playground you pasted on firefox, or a different video dome?

I’ve tested that playground link only. I think audioContext wasn’t locked since I hear the sound of the video.

The audio context depends on your system and whether or not you have given permissions already. But that’s not we are talking about, I think. The video doesn’t render in firefox. does opening the video directly works? Does this URL show the video correctly?

Yes, it’s playing without any problem directly.
The playground works fine on Google Chrome and Chromium on that machine but not in Firefox.

is the video playing in firefox?

I found something as I think weird in that playground’s console:

WebGL warning: texImage: Requested size at this level is unsupported. [ x32 times ]

Is that can be root of the problem?

I don’t see such warning on Chrome.

i can’t reproduce, but have you tried changing the resolution factor? or removing it altogether?

Tried to set resolution to: 1 and remove it from options. In both cases I get warnings in the console:

WebGL warning: texImage: Requested size at this level is unsupported. 32
After reporting 32, no further warnings will be reported for this WebGL context. 

I see these warings only in Firefox and not in Chrome.

Hm, but those warnings appear only for the case when resolution is set to 32. If I set it to 5 or lower - then there are any such warnings. And no video also :grinning: but I hear the sound.

Sorry, this seems to be local on your system only. pinging @sebavan - got any tips here?

This is completely independent from the resolution you specify on the dome.

I do not see how the error could be linked together but the warning explains why you do not see the video. You are trying to use a texture too big for firefox to handle, I d suspect 8 or 4 k ??? you need to use a smaller video unfortunately.