AMP360Video zoom out create a fisheye view

Hi this issue is related with Azure Media Player 360 Video Plugin

I found if you use the scrolling wheel to do a zoom out at one moment the 360 video rendered starts to visualize it like a fisheye view, and well I would like to know how this could be limited or fixed to avoid this?, because the user could try to zoom out and this could create a confusion, so if you could guide how to avoid this scenario I’ll appreciate it so much.


thanks for your time

cc @sebavan

@RaananW is on it :slight_smile: Zoom Out create a fisheye view · Issue #247 · BabylonJS/Extensions · GitHub

Ok! So it’s related to the amp plugin. Now I understand the issue. A fix is coming very soon

Prevent zooming out in the amp plugin by RaananW · Pull Request #248 · BabylonJS/Extensions (