An example game title screen created by GUI Editor

Hi developers!

I tried “GUI Editor” which has been released as beta since v5.
I think it has great potential. Here are game title and setting screen examples.

An example of GUI created by “GUI Editor” in Babylon.js v5 - YouTube

flushpot1125/gui-editor-babylonjs-example: The repo shows an example GUI layout created by GUI Editor of Babylon.js. (

I’ll write an explanation an interpretive blog post regarding how to use GUI Editor, tips and limitations soon.


Love to see it being used like this :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Love the big bold style of this GUI, and I’m already excited to see your post! :smiley:

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Thanks for your comments!

I think GUI Editor has great potential then I’ve posted two blog regarding GUI Editor.

What is GUI Editor and How to use it.
Babylon.js v5で正式に追加されたGUI Editorの使い方をまとめました - CrossRoad (

How to control the created GUI on Babylon.js code.
Babylon.jsのGUI Editorで作ったGUIをソースコードから制御する方法 - CrossRoad (

Currently the two info are only Japanese but I can write them in English if necessary :slight_smile:

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It would be awesome to see them in English to share with even more people! Even through I don’t understand japanese (I really should commit to learning someday…), I can see you took a lot of care to explain things, with lots of pictures :heart:

I’m glad to hear your comment!

I’ll write English version posts since next week.
Today and tomorrow I have to prepare the following meetup. It is the first Babylon.js meetup in Japan :slight_smile:

Babylon.js 勉強会 vol.1 ~Babylon.js 日本コミュニティ立ち上げ記念!~ - connpass


Have fun on the meetup! I bought some Japanese candy today so I’ll eat them wishing for its success! :grin:


Great thanks for your much preparation like Japanese candy! :grin: