Documentation/Test of Gui Editor


I saw that there is a new GUI editor, but I can’t find any information on how to use it. Is there any documentation? A PG example?
How can we try it? I would like to take a look and bring my suggestions after testings.
In any case, it is an interesting project which can be very useful later. Thank you for developing it @msDestiny14


Hi there! Currently the GUI Editor is in a very very early alpha. We haven’t formally announced it or put the URL anywhere in documentation because it is in such a rapid moving state.

Based on the last couple of days a couple of people have found the link and have been playing around with it :wink: which is exciting and cool to hear about. :smiley:

For transparency here is the link If you’d like to play with it Please keep in mind however that is still in active development with a lot of things already planned and still yet to come. We’re targeting an formal alpha version in the coming months, and a beta in the fall.

That being said I if you’d like to follow along with dev updates I encourage you to follow me on twitter. Enjoy!