Android permissions for AR WebXRImageTracking


I’m back with working with Babylon Native, I have a project and everything else is all working fine but I think I’m missing some permissions because I’m getting:

Error loading images for tracking, WebXRImageTracking disabled for this session.

I can’t really figure out what the actual problem is, are there some specific permissions I need to enable image tracking? Or could something else be going on?


marker tracking is (sadly) still considered experimental - you will need to turn on the icubation flag in chrome://flags

Babylon Native @RaananW :slight_smile:

Do you have this in your AndroidManifest?
BabylonNative/AndroidManifest.xml at master · BabylonJS/BabylonNative (

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Gosh, that was hidden clearly in the sentence :wink:
Sorry, ignore my answer

Hmm, yeah I have that. I guess it’s not permissions then.

I’m trying image tracking in a bundled app (I’m using BJS React Native, forgot to specify that), but it’s not accepting the uri’s I’m giving it.

I’m going to look further into it, it could be the way I’m trying to resolve the images to get the uri’s which behaves differently in a bundled app: Image.resolveAssetSource cannot resolve asset correctly in Android Release mode · Issue #24963 · facebook/react-native · GitHub
where unbundled it gives a kind of thing, but bundled it gives a path_to_my_image instead. I’ve tried just setting file:// in front of it, but that still gives the error.

Are you guys using anything in particular to supply the images to the webxrimagetracking in a bundled app? Or is there a way to more specifically see what’s going wrong?


Edit: I added some more logging, and I’m getting the following error from the image tracking:
Error loading image with exception: Error: Image with provided source returned empty response.

Edit2: Since this is apparently about something else I’ve created a different question: Using WebXRImageTracking in a bundled React Native app