Animation group "streamable"

Hi everyone,

I have a 4 meshes to animate with: position, rotation, and children meshes positions, for a 9 hours animation with 1 key per second…

No problem with that, it works perfectly, but it takes a lot of RAM (something like 1,5Go) !!

So I’m wondering if there’s a solution for making it “streamable”, something like cutting every 100 keys, and pushing more keys while playing, and remove “old” ones…

I tried to create a light animationGroup, dispose it and create the next one on “onAnimationGroupEndObservable” event, but that’s weird and break the loop feature…

Does somebody have any ideas for this ?

Thanks for your help !! :slight_smile:

It will require some code from your side but what you mentioned should work as long as you keep track of where you are (and yeah you will have to do your own loop)

Can you share a sample in the PG so we can see what is wrong?