animationRange Blender .babylonfile

How do i generate a .babylon file to get output like this on blender?
what is or where are they or how are the animationranges configured?

nothing is mentioned here about animation ranges

I did the thing in this video but the range is not listed


Welcome back Stefano :slight_smile:

If you notice in the video, the actions are combined using the NLA editor then exported in a .glb format. If you want to export in a babylon format don’t use the NLA editor. Just create all your actions in the action editor and export with the babylon exporter. If you then look in that .babylon file with a text editor and search for “range” you will find something like :


All the animations are combined into one long animation (0-70) with a 10 frame gap between the two 30 frame animation parts - one named “walk” and one name “idle”.

You can use the code in your playground example (lines 49-51) to get appropriate blending.

Hope that helps.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

Thanks ! I was able to do it by following this guide. I had to export the animations with skin for it to work properly within blender