AnimationRange from AnimationGroup?

I know that both classes are for different formats. But I want to know how can I access or create AnimationRange from AnimationGroup as I need this for my use case.

Also how can I know the name of the AnimationRange for the method getAnimationRange()
I am not able to lookup the name or find the name in the inspector.

New to babylon.js just figuring things out.

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! You can use the from and to properties of the AnimationGroup to create a range. An example would be here: AnimationRange from AnimationGroup | Babylon.js Playground ( (line 68)

The AnimationRange class has a property “name” so you just need to access it :slight_smile: AnimationRange | Babylon.js Documentation ( In general, if you’re unsure about what properties and methods there are in a given class, you can always look it up on the docs!

Thanks for the response, I checked the PG you provided for converting AnimationRange to AnimationGroup does it work on imported meshes? because I was not able to work it out.

Yeah, it should work on them :slight_smile:

Can you please check my PG its still not working for me.

Oooh, I see the issue here! You tried to run beginAnimation on the skeleton object, but the animations on the group aren’t targetting the skeleton but specific bones (like hips, wrist, etc…)
You can see the target of the animation on the inspector:

In this case, it is better to use the play method in the group itself, because it’s going to take care of playing the animation on each proper target :slight_smile: Load Animated Character | Babylon.js Playground (

Thank you for the detailed explanation, This is what I was trying to achieve when I said I wanted to convert animationGroup to animationRange, But unfortunately your solution doesn’t seem to work in my case. :frowning:

Why not?

Hello @abdullahnaseem just checking in if you still have an issue