Any similar application developed with BabylonJS?


I came across a cool opensource application Blueprint 3D - Example
It looks like it uses ThreeJS.

Any similar application developed with Babylonjs? If so, can you please share the links?

Thanks in advance.

One of the best I’ve seen so far:


WOW…Excellent. Does it use BabylonJS?

of course :wink:

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Our product is made with React and Babylon.JS (also works on mobile web)


Very nice. I wonder how you have such huge collection of 3d meshes and amazon links.
So, my question is, does amazon provide you the 3d models? Or you built the 3d models for the products available in amazon? or the vendors who are selling those products in amazon gave you the 3d models?

Thank you so much for the indeed, incredible concept to share with. I do admire the effort and will continue to learn from these forums.

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