Anybody use the BJS Scene Editor?

I feel it’s too simple & crude.
I try to drag & drop a blender exported gltf format models into BJS Editor, it looks not good.
But when I drag & drop it into the BJS Sandbox, it looks great!
Editor, Editor, Editor…, should I use you? If I dont, what scene editor should I use? Or, just all by coding in the scene-process ?

Hey guys, should I turn into using Unity Editor to make a scene instead of BJS Editor ?
Waiting for reply…

Hi Win_Sun,

I’ve seen a lot of people just coding scenes with the playground or locally.

Babylon also supports exports for 3ds Max, Maya, and Blender. Check out this blog post for more details.

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And @julien-moreau is doing amazing stuff with it.

@Win_Sun I’m sad that you encounter a problem!
Can you, if possible, send me the gltf file so I can test in the editor and share you a fix ? Thanks :slight_smile:

@julien-moreau That problem has been solved by myself. It’s not the editor’s problem.
But, BTW, I wonder if you could let a professional UX designer to redesign the BJS editor, currently it makes me no willing to use BJS anymore.

@julien-moreau is doing an impressive work by himself on his free time for the inspector, so if find your comment a bit harsh.

I bet @julien-moreau would be more than happy to integrate any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in the inspector if any were providing. That is the super power of the community we all work together to make the framework better.


@sebavan all right, thanks for telling me that Inspector is another tool could replace BJS Editor!
But, in BJS homepage, I couldn’t find Inspector!!! After sometime’s finding, I found the Inspector in youtube’s videos, and discover that Inspector is inside the Sandbox!!! Godness me!
I was driven swirled… :dizzy_face:

I thought Sandbox could only for viewing models or scenes ( Scene explorer ), who knows it has a Inspector inside, which is a Scene “Editor” …! :astonished:
It hides truely deep inside.

Sorry I wrongly said inspector but was speaking about the editor :slight_smile:

Now if the inspector does the job for you it is perfect.

Of course not yet. It’s not enough to be a scene editor.

Do not hesitate to contribute.


@Win_Sun, sebavan is right the editor is being developed on my spare time and bugs/improvements requests can happen

I would love to have some points of what you dislike in the editor, what you miss, what you can propose to improve etc. This is community project driven by the community requests.


Is there a hotkey list for the editor anywhere?
Also, why do the lights not have a gizmo that lets you edit their position in the editor? I can parent the light to a dummy but does seem confusing why there isn’t a graphical way to edit lights inside the editor.

Omg you are right, updating the documentation ASAP

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