Editor: guide for using it (am I missing something?)

I am new to Babylon.JS and I’m playing around in the editor, is there any good tutorials on how to use the editor, the stuff in the resources is almost non existent, or just has a silent short youtube video on it, which has no explanation on how things work.

Can I use the editor to build a scene which I can then load in my Babylon projects? or am I off the mark on what the purpose of the editor is for?

Pinging @julien-moreau who is the author of the editor

Did you noticed these pages?

By the way, maybe the grey category name should be tweaked to be more visible? Or even maybe we need some titles? little draft as example:

As for me I’m often confused on the How to pages or Resources pages to see which page is on which category

The original idea was that the pages in How To should be explanations or instructions on doing something that is part of Babylon
js and so should read such as how to create a mesh. The pages in Resources are to describe things additional and useful to Babylon. However it is not always easy to caterogise items.

Hey @Shurp :slight_smile:
Of course you can load the project yourself. In this page it explains the way to export a template ( Loading and Saving Scenes - Babylon.js Documentation ) so you can write your code in VSCode or whatever.
The documentation needs to be improved for the overall documentation of the editor but I’m working on :slight_smile:

Also, if you have feedbacks, it’ll be a pleasure to add new features and fix the existing one if you encounter any bug

Thanks for all the comments.

I am working through the Resources pages, and just playing around with things.

One question I had for you @julien-moreau after reading that Loading and Saving page is.

Is there a way to save out a final version of a scene in the editor that I can use? the page talks about saving the delta between the initial scene and the current version in the editor, and then talks about saving a template, is the template the equivalent of saving the final scene?

@Shurp right, it will create a project with ALL the textures, ALL sounds etc. that are used.
If you want to only export the final scene you can use the toolbar « Scene -> Export Scene… ». This will just export the scene (.babylon or gltf file) but not the attached files such as textures and sounds.

What would you like to do exactly? Maybe the process in the editor is boring so I can improve to fit your needs to export just scene and attached files instead of a complete template :slight_smile:

@julien-moreau my plan was to use the editor to do the scene layouts for the games (I am working on simple stuff at the moment) and then do the logic for the games themselves later on, I’m not doing anything so complex that I will need to add behaviors to objects yet.

That’s cool!
Basically this can fit your needs as the editor allows you to configure things you can’t set in blender or 3dsMax (particle systems for example)
Are you working with any modeler to export .babylon files or you would to design all (cubes, etc.) using only the editor ?

I am getting models provided in babylon format, I am not making the models myself.

@julien-moreau Would the editor be good for customizing a 2d scene? is there a way to set up the proper camera

Then I suggest that you work with the delta if your 3D models are modified in the future and then use the scene exporter of the editor described above.

For 2D, not really but I propose that you tell me what would your workflow so I can create the issue and work on it asap :slight_smile:

Allowing the editor camera to be set to orthographic so that we can layout our scenes with a view that will match what our final camera will be using would prove mighty useful I think.

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Adding in my ASAP-todo-list :slight_smile:

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