Apparently, last changes to Inspector make it to autoplay all in-scene animations

Hi there:

From yesterday evening, I’m experimenting and awkward behavior with the Inspector, I didn’t have seen before, as all the animations in my imported GLTFs are now autoplayed.

Autoplay is something I don’t want at all in my scenes, so I properly deactivate it by code in the recommended way:

//deshabilito autoplay tras carga de ficheros GLTF/GLB
BABYLON.SceneLoader.OnPluginActivatedObservable.add(function (plugin) {
  if ( === "gltf" && plugin instanceof BABYLON.GLTFFileLoader) {
	plugin.animationStartMode = BABYLON.GLTFLoaderAnimationStartMode.NONE;

The case is that, now, when I show the Inspector by means of the usual code:…{
  embedMode: true,
  initialTab: 2,
  overlay: true

…all that previously disabled animations automatically come to live

Of course, If I don’t show the Inspector all works as expected, in the way it used to be days before.

If this “autoplay animations mode” is the intended (new) behavior of Inspector, please let me know what (new) parameter I must pass to to disable it.

Thanks for your time.

P:S: I’m using Babylon.js v6.36.1 as production version

Hello! I was not able to reproduce this behavior on the latest playground.
Available Mesh BoomBox | Babylon.js Playground (
Available Mesh UFO | Babylon.js Playground (

Can you try updating to the latest version?

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Same trying with some delay @paleRider would be great if you can share a repro ?

Thanks for your immediate response, @carolhmj and @sebavan.

I need/prefer to work always with not the bleeding edge (latest) versions of third party frameworks/libraries, and so I am doing here in this project. That implies v6.36.1 of BJS core and GLTF2 loaders in my production branch, here. The case is that, as the Inspector is linked automatically to the latest available release, I automatically thought that was the origin of the issue.

Sadly, I’ve just made a test using the CDN versions of BJS core and loaders and the issue is still there, so clearly it is related with the Inspector (as when it is not launched all works as intended, that is not autoplay at all) but not with the mixin parts of BJS from different version as I presumed.

I’m now very busy with other aspects of this same project, but will try to generate a PR as soon as possible and let you know.

Thanks for your time.

Hi there, @sebavan and @carolhml.

I have been testing this apparent issue in a little more extent and, at the moment, I’m aimed to think that is something related with the last version of FF Developer Edition (our usual developing browser), as I can’t reproduce it with Chrome, by example.

Will be in touch with you as soon as I get to a final though of all this.

Thank you for your time.