Babylon debugger in the export from Unity ToolKit?

Is there a way to get the babylon debugger panels in the exported scene content / previewer from the Babylon Unity Toolkit? i saw a reference ‘Debugging Mode’ in the settings but didnt visibly do anything. (im guessing it just places logs in the browser console log)

it would be so that I can export a working version of the content as a babylon file directly from the Toolkit Preview


the issue for me is that when i preview the contents from unity using the ToolKit, the results are correct, I can see the lightmaps that i baked in unity applied as expected, but if I then load the gltf in in the babylon sandbox viewer the lghtmaps do not show and i have to manually add them resulting in the image getting embedded in the file if i then save it back out as a babylon file. which is not ideal.

would be very helpful to get a robust babylon file out of unity that looks the same as the gltf preview. Hope that makes sense

cc @MackeyK24

If your talking about showing the babylon.inspector for the loaded scene. You have a couple choices.

1… From javascript console type:;
2… Use the Debug Panel Information component from starter content and press the I button

This basically is a debug helper script is use during development. It uses some the the scene manager apis to TOGGLE the inspector by pressing the I keyboard button

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 9.27.13 AM



Lightmaps are not officially supported by GLTF 2.0. There might be some extensions out there that do allow for lightmaps…

The toolkit uses the babylon.manager.js extension to provide all the extras you see in the gltf, like custom materials, lightmaps, reflection probes, animation state machines, etc…

You basically need babylon.manager.js loaded on the page. That has the Babylon GLTF extensions required.

Long story short, the sandbox does not have the babylon scene manager extension loaded.

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thank you so much. this is exactly what i was looking for. appreciate the help.

just as a quick follow up. getting the inspector open worked but when i export my scene as a babylon file i get