Applying animation clips to VRM models

@il-m-yamagishi thanks for the VRM loader!

Is there a way to apply animation clips to the VRM model? For example walk cycle or standing idle breathing cycle?

I haven’t found any documented workflow for how to do it in Babylonjs.



You can confirm it in this my playground work.

Thanks for this useful example! We should probably add it to the documentation pages about VRM.

(why does the hair flip up when moving forward?)

In your playground example you built your animation groups manually. I guess I’m wondering if there is a tool to bind motion captured data with the VRM model so you don’t need to manually create the animation group?

Sadly, there are bugs in babylon-vrm-loader’s SpringBone animation logic(with hair, skirt, …). I want to fix it but it needs advanced technique for me. Anyone can help it from this issue.

There are many format at Motion captured data. In my work, some specific format(VRM-friendly bone name, etc…) of bvh format can be transformed to glb animation and apply to VRM Model. But the implementation is out of scope in babylon-vrm-loader.(should be babylon-vrm-bvh-animator or something)