AR (React) meetup today

Hi, I will be giving a presentation tonight at 5:30 PST:
React and Immersive AR | Meetup

I’ll be going over a bit of XR and walk through the steps to bring AR and some features into the immersive experience with Babylon.js. Discussion will be React specific in the sense that it’s for the React Vancouver meetup, but certainly the concepts can be applied outside of React. I’ll touch a bit on VR, but the focus is on AR. There will be a couple of live demos :pray:


Will this be recorded? I’m not sure I’ll make it. A little late for me :slight_smile:

I think so, the organizer said it would be on melon and she also mentioned:

and the talks contribute to the knowledgebase on our channel (for posterity).

The target audience is absolute beginner, so I don’t think you will miss anything!! :joy:

It ended up not being recorded - the organizer had issues with Melon:

That’s unfortunate because it would have been on youtube… We just went ahead on discord and there was no recording :frowning:

The talk went really well though - lots of good questions and interest from the community!!


That’s great to hear! So sorry i couldn’t make it…

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