AR Samples are broken

At least XR Measurement Tape Demo is throwing an error, I’ve tested other samples without triggering any errors… but they didn’t work either.

Thanks for reposting. The error is a typescript error. Here is a fixed version:

WebXR measurement tape | Babylon.js Playground (

I will update the docs

Oh, and - what other demos don’t work? Did you make sure to turn on the webxr incubation flag when testing them?

It works “perfectly” now, I mean, it works but it’s supposed that my wife is 1.90 tall hahaha (actually 1.65)

The second sample “Placing A Mesh In Space” does nothing for me, I mean I can run it without warnings and see my camera input, but nothing more.

Placing a mesh in space works for me very well in the latest chrome for android. Not sure what you are seeing or not, but be sure to scan some textured ground and wait for the marker to appear. It might take a few seconds.

About the 1.65 vs. 1.90 - this is because it is not meant to measure standing objects, but distances on planes. Once a plane is detected it will measure the distances on this plane. If your wife will stand next to a textured wall and you will measure the wall next to her you will see that it will provide correct results.

It never appears to me:
Latest Chrome browser.
Latest available Android.
Pretty mid-high-end device (One Plus 8t)

Is the incubation flag turned on?

You were right I had it as default, unfortunately that’s not a really useful feature for the general public then, most of the people won’t be able to do that.

That is true. Hit testing and anchors are part of the browser. Plane detection isn’t. WebXR is still in draft mode, and we as a framework has sadly no control over the features the browsers support.

And wait until you find out that iOS deices don’t support this at all.

Some features (again - hit test, anchors, dom overlays and so on) are already a part of the official browser build, so you can use them directly. Image tracking should also work in all mobile (android) browsers.

Is BabylonJS able to work with the classic method of placing a mesh over a QR or something like that?

image tracking should work on all android devices. We are supporting WebXR - whatever webxr offers, so can we.

Nice! I’ll dig the forums for a sample.

Thank you for your time.