ArcFollowCamera and attachControl()

I believe this has been discussed in brief before, but I have not seen this exact question. Is there a technical or conceptual reason ArcFollowCamera does not support attachControl? My expectation is that it is a FollowCamera that uses ArcRotateCamera positioning, and since both of those cameras support attachControl, this one should as well.

At the very least, I’d like to see the docs explain this camera a bit more; right now, it is only mentioned in passing.

Hello and welcome!

It is a follow camera so not supposed to be controlled by user. You are “supposed” to control the target of the camera and the camera itself will follow

Thanks, I see. Is that to mean that the intelligence of the follow behavior should be left up to Babylon? i.e., in a 3d platformer, the user should not need to adjust the camera manually (in theory)?