ArcFollowCamera not receiving inputs and can't target TransformNode

Sure I’m just setting something up wrong as the docs are a little thin on the camera type but don’t seem to be able to use inputs on ArcFollowCamera, been using ArcRotateCamera with no issues. Also noticed the target is an AbstractMesh but would like to target a TransformNode in my case.

The arcFollowCamera is meant to follow a mesh. So you cannot control it directly. (You can still update camera.alpha, beta and radius manually).

Why do you need an ArcFollowCamera?

Gotcha, I thought ArcFollowCamera was a follow cam that had the same input semantics as ArcRotateCam. So have a scene that is normally in ArcRotate style but occasionally need to select and follow a group. Thought the ArcFollowCamera was basically that. Can handle it animation of position for the normal arccam, was hoping that it was just built in with ArcFollowCamera.

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