Arthritis Gone Wild

Calling @RaananW & maybe @PatrickRyan. I have not done any scenes on Quest2 in about a week. I actually had hands turned off, & I turned it back on. I ran my scene, and the hands are all crumpled. After some isolation with one of the scene in the docs,, and a restart I still have the following problem:

Can someone please confirm this is a problem on their device too? Thanks!

Working on that :slight_smile:

Oculus has updated their hand-joint-orientation in the last browser update, and @PatrickRyan is working on fixing the hand meshes.

Till then start creating horror games with zombie hands


Fontunately, I saved my intermediate .blends & wrote down stuff, just in-case. Kind of wild that I get such very different hands via:

  • load the official hands from GLB File
  • Nuke Tangents / custom split normals
  • Add Subdivide modifier, viewport set to 2
  • Add Smooth modifier, factor set to 0.1
  • Apply modifiers
  • Limited dissolve of 15% delimited by UV
  • Nuke UVs
  • Drop influencers to 4

Still have to separate the sections to do multi-materials, so that you get the orange flash when you touch something by hand, but that is survivable. I do not actually assign the materials in Blender. That has to be done in code to be dynamic. I did here just to get the picture.

@PatrickRyan must be cursing @MarkZuckerberg right about now!

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