Artifacts on near to camera geometry and old devices

This screenshot is taken with a Xiaomi MI4 the same scene works nice on almost any smartphone but it looks weird in that one.

It projects a cubemap over geometry

And the effect gets increased when you zoom over the scene (changing the fov)

Thank you in advance for any tip!

This unfortunately looks like a precision issue on their side :frowning: you could try to change the camera.minZ to see if that changes anything ?

I tried that clipping change but I had no luck :frowning:

Are you relying on compressed texture ? or hdr textures ?

Just regular jpgs anyway it is not so important since it is an ancient device but you know making this working fair in any device is nice

Yes I totally aggree did you try :

  1. forcing webgl 1 (through the engine constructor options)
  2. forcing med precision : engine.getCaps().highPrecisionShaderSupported = false

forcing webgl 1 improves the the result a lot!

with engine.getCaps().highPrecisionShaderSupported = false it comes much worse

So probably a webgl2 driver issue you might need to disable webgl2 support for those devices :frowning: