Model looks well on desktop and laptop, but not on android mobile phone

I have a model loaded with a texture applied,
it can be seen here

if I load it on a desktop or laptop it looks all good

but If i load it in an android xiaomi mi a2 mobile phone with chrome browser,
the texture does not appear, its black, I see the texts and the rims of the texture,
something seems to be off maybe with the lights, but its very strange that all looks fine in desktop and laptop

thank you for your help

Maybe you can try to turn off webgl2?

thank you,
how would I do that?
but if i do that I lose performance etc right?
anyway for a test how is that done?

Perf on these devices will not be impacted :wink:

you can turn off webgl2 by using one of the engine constructor option

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I found a solution to the problem, a very strange one to be honest,
If I have this in place:

" var environment = scene.createDefaultEnvironment({
createGround: false,
enableGroundShadow: false,
groundYBias: 1,
groundOpacity: 0.5,

then the problem does not happen, all looks the same and perfect in mobiles and desktops

if I take those lines away, then the problem happens in mobiles,

does this give you any hint as to why this may be happening?

thank you :slight_smile: