Artifical Intelligence

No faen chance. It would be like asking what ‘a good doctor’ is? A generalist, specialist, surgeon… showing both perfect medical/scientifical approach and empathy. Perfect in practice, business, analytics and communication… When I read this, I feel like I’m reading just any random job description posted today by HR on one of their fancy recruiting platform. A profile that does not exist. HR is looking at hiring ‘talents’ rather than ‘collaborators’ or ‘employees’. They want it all and think they will get it.
I’m afraid we are just simple humans and you cannot ask a human to excel in all of these in its professional life… Unless this human has no other life than his professional life. In which case he would become what… an AI…or a psycho :grin:
I believe one of our outmost ability as humans is to work together and work together in coordination. This is how we made it that far and I believe this is how we will (eventually) make it to the next step of evolution. We have hunters, builders, gatherers, scouts, fighters, coordinators… It is by using the specific skills of each individual that we create a stronger group. There’s no single human that will ‘save humanity’. Companies are just asking too much from each individual while disregarding the aspects of good coordination and leadership. If we would not have such poor leaders, the world and the humanity would be in a much better state.

The origin of word talent:

An ancient denomination of weight, originally Babylonian (though the name is Greek), and varying widely in value among different peoples and at different times. [Century Dictionary]


Guru means, as far as I know, “someone whose words weigh something”. Weight here has something to do with importance and meaning.

But as long as we only pronounce words this is pure politics (poly = many, tic-> tok->token : signs, words").

Important is the doing, if you are not able to do something, then you have no talent and so no weight and no meaning as a being.

So doing is the essential thing that identifies us and makes us a real creator.

How do you achieve excellence? By doing over and over again what you are trying to achieve until you reach a level of supreme perfection.

footnote: This is just my opinion AND I did not ask an AI to generate the answers! :smiley:

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Excellence starts with the understanding that you cannot be the best at everything.
This is also just my opinion AND I did not ask an AI to generate the answers! :grin:

As you said, the contents of the discord and the results of the experiment
The richer, bigger, and more beautiful things that are added are expressed well, but the things I want to subtract came out by accident and were not expressed with the right keywords.
so I will do when I need magnificent expression

Hi 11128, what are you trying to create? Show me your prompts and how far you have already come.

This statement can only be applied to me. You can put it the way you want. Fact is, my capacity is limited to 24h. a day. I need at least a meal, 6h of rest and have to compose with a number of things beyond simple ‘survival’ because I do not live alone on an isle and I’m part of a society. Therefor, excelling in everything seems impossible for me. But I’m glad to hear that there might be better humans with greater capacity :smiley:

I believe the question should rather be “Do you believe that the world AFTER your existence is of importance?” Deep inside, most of us have the secret hope that our life and our doing will not end after our short time of existence spent on earth. But, what if it is?

May be we should. We always want to believe that we can master and control everything. But nothing today tells us that this belief is true.

This post is very interesting!

In my case, I have been working for weeks using ChatGPT for any questions during development, beyond what we know about AI, without a doubt it represents a total change in the workflow.

The feeling is having a teacher by your side who answers any questions and explains each procedure step by step.

It learns as you provide information, it helps you improve, provide more efficiency and simplify the code.

I think we are facing the next great revolution and many things will change, we will have to adapt, take advantage and improve

I have the same experience.

When the task can be solved in one script file it is enough to use Copilot in many cases. Just describe tasks in the comment same as for junior or middle developers. After some clarification of the task I got pretty good results very often.
And when the task can’t be solved in the one file it’s good to ask ChatGPT. It provides several scripts and instructions on how to add it in my project.

I used ChatGPT to get instructions on how to pack my classes into npm packages. ChatGPT’s answer was an article made individually for me and my case. So I very fast made two package — Two small libraries to work with camera

Now I made a module that integrates ChatGPT API’s into CMS on my website, and it helps me to write good texts, and helps me with language.
So Copilot and ChatGPT seriously changed my workflow.

UPD: Very important to use only the English language with ChatGPT. Although it can answer with any of your native language, in English it has the most performance and compact embeddings. You can check it here OpenAI API, just compare how many tokens texts took in the different langiages. Less is better, because every token increases calculation processes and the context of the model is just 4097 tokens, so if some text out of this limit then the model will forget this.

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In fact, I wanted to make a skybox of a moderate level, not a grandiose skybox.
because my platform(sadly It is reluctant to disclose because it is close to a public platform rather than a general service platform) has simply skybox
and it is experimental with spontaneity, the prompt is not systematized, so unfortunately it cannot fulfill the meaning of showing.

Describe to me what you mean by “skybox of moderate level”? What image is in your mind?

“A normal skybox” makes sense, so you’ll see it in real life.
examply Sunny sky on a Sunday morning, cloudy and rainy weather, sunset sky, etc. This is a normal level of sky, and I thought of this as a low image with a fantasy or anime feel.

Is this what you want?

You are right blockadelabs does not understand elimination. The result has to be removed manually with a magic eraser. Here are some AI tools that are suitable for this:

“anieraser” did a very good job right away. However, the images created by skybox are too large, so cutouts should be used.

It’s time to expand and future-proof your list of new skills, as well as develop new sources of income.

PromptBase | Prompt Marketplace: DALL·E, Midjourney, ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion & GPT-3

You can teach chatGPT how to create proper text prompts!

Turn ChatGPT into a Powerful Midjourney Prompt Machine - YouTube

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One of the creatively made documentaries I have seen until yet about this hot topic!

The Cr[AI]tive Revolution - The Future of Art (Full Documentary) - YouTube

Wonder Dynamics

Here for my experience of collaborating with the AI (chatGPT). For my project, I needed to select 48 great artists each featuring 4 great works of art in either landscape or portrait format. As it would take me ages to perform this request myself, this is typically the sort of thing I can handover to the AI (with fairly good result, although not perfect :grin:) Saved me a lot of time anyway but still needs my human intervention to keep this on tracks :mechanical_arm: :face_with_monocle:

Here some SS from the discussion:

OK, I’m not gonna lie. The AI is of great help but will not (yet) do all the job for me. I’d say the expectations right now should be those you put in a junior or intermediate (human) collaborator.
Here for the facts. For the above, I now have my list of 196 great work of arts from 48 great artists in the history of arts. I got it within ~30min, as opposed to the estimated time for ‘lazy me’ to perform the same: about 1 day of work.
From there, it took me (foolish human :wink:) another 45min to create an excel from this base, more or less ‘clensed of all sins’ and errors (because there where obvious errors, especially considering the aspect ratio). May be I should have stated the ratio I wanted needed to be calculated from the original?

Anyways, the thing I can currently not ask the AI to do for me is to make the final selection from the Internet, in ‘good quality’ and from ‘reliable sources’. This option seems to be not (yet) available in my country and Bing is putting me on a ‘waiting list’ for the image creator to come. So, there I am with my list, still needing to select and download one-by-one all sources from what I deem to be a reliable and good quality source. I also need to keep track of this source for credits. And this still takes a lot of time.
So I believe one should not think the AI today will do all of the work for you… but it can sure relieve you of some of the most tedious parts and lower your efforts by 30-50%… which, for free and just like that, is already a lot.

Wow, long thread here. I will read all of it soon, but just chiming in with an opinion already:

Many years ago I read in an AI book (can’t remember the name anymore) that in the future the AI would be so powerful that it would render most – if not all – human work obsolete.

Then there would be just two paths to follow:

  • The powers that be would share machines for the human being and everyone would live in paradise;
  • The powers that be would keep machines just for them, and everyone else would starve to death.

As we can see, in the last decades progress became exponential. AI will make progress even more exponential, until we most probably reach singularity.

Now, if that is going to free all of us from work and allow us to appreciate life without difficulties or not… is to be seen. :grin:

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Want my opinion? For this to happen it would first require a new form of human. The AI is only ‘our puppet’ and those with the power and control of it will never want to let it go. The AI, same as any other tech, can only be if it serves our purpose. Else, it will be eradicated before it can become a real threat for our vision of absolute power and ideological belief.