Project Snowball - Winter is coming (NEW update v. #BJS v5.6)

Hello Babylon community,
After this first 10-month of my study of the new and improved Babylon.js framework and as a result of my apprenticeship (and also my first ‘personal project’ after 25-years serving the brand’s digital com), I’m now happy to announce that (and then, despite of Covid, climate change and all the rest), once again, during this December 2020 and for all of us in the northern hemisphere, ‘Winter will be coming’. I can guarantee at least that. As for my project, hopefully it will be available the same time;) Let me already wish you all a happy and a safe winter :mountain_snow: :snowflake: :cloud_with_snow:


This looooks so coool, I want to try it !!!

I too! :grin:

Thank you for your comments and interest. I will try to post a screenshot every 2-3 days until release and (if i have the time) a small video.
Here’s a screenshot of a sunset ambiance I like:


Snow is announced to come here in Switzerland this week (I mean in real life:). :ski: :ice_skate: :snowman_with_snow:

I’m not sure yet about the release date of my project :thinking: but meanwhile, here are 2 more screenshots:

Have a snowy day:) :snowboarder:


This looks so pretty !!!

This reminds me of one of my favorite childhood Pixar shorts with the snow globe. Very very pretty! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for these nice comments.
I’m sorry I had to delay the launch of this early alpha for the end of the week.
Currently setting the animations on the 2D GUI buttons (as you can see in the 2 screenshots below).

Next, will still need to make at least a little bit of scene optimization and a fix on some textures.
Will be back shortly :mountain_snow: :evergreen_tree: Stay tuned,


Winter is here!

I told the BJS community about an early-alpha and yours shall have it.
It’s indeed an ‘early-alpha’ with plenty of unfinished business. The list of missing and glitchy parts would be too long. :grimacing: Right now, there is no optimization of any kind, no (other than default) rendering pipeline and then the list would be just too long… But else, it wouldn’t be called an ‘early’ alpha, would it?:wink:

Still, the scene didn’t crash any of my working computer and test rigs… which is already a good sign, I suppose;)

The scene is currently in a preview environment. It will remain there until about mid- next-week.
I quickly wanted to offer an opportunity for an ‘Avant-Première’ to the Valais state and Valais Tourist office, since I did use their image a little (a lot:). This is not a submission; I do not require their approval or blessing. Still, I thought it would be fair to do this.
Yet at the same time, the BJS community shall also get access to this ‘avant-première’ and that would be over here:

Enjoy and let me have your comments,
Have a snowy winter :smiley:


Incredibly detailed! I can see even separate tree branches!
Real piece of 3D art!

This is super great!! Pretty impressive actually.

cc @PirateJC

@mawa - This is beutiful! Wow. Incredibly detailed!

Any objection to me adding it to the Community Web Page?

Thank you for this nice comment. I’m glad you appreciate the small scene.
Certainly no objection here. Feel free to do that if you want.
Have a great day,

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Added to the community page!

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Thank you. I will continue to work the scene a little, starting with optimization. I’m also looking forward to add a Christmas or New Year’s event in the scene… may be featuring some of these incredible effects one can find in the playground thread. :thinking: Will see…

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This is a lovely scene! One idea I had when looking at it was that perhaps you might want to use a snowflake texture for the snow particles.

Here is a link to the notes about particle textures.

Maybe that will add something to the scene, but then again maybe not :slight_smile:

I see that you are working on optimizations now. I would be very interested to hear about any learnings you might have after you are finished with the project about which things had the most impact on the performance.

Thank you Richard for this nice comment,
In fact, there are just so many improvements one could do to the scene (or to the code).
It was just a personal project (thanks to Covid:0) and I did everything myself and ‘on the side’.
I was essentially trying to understand if BJS would be a framework ready for productivity in 2020/21. And I think it is:)
Another goal was to team-up with program. Make procedural part of the team. For example, the snowball titles is a procedural result/output
from C4D (using transformers). All I did is enter the text ’snowball’ and select a couple of textures. The final result (whether you like it or not;)
is not really my design work.
I will continue work the scene a little and, since ’snow’ is an important part, it is likely that I will want to go back to it…


where is the link…?

For the time the project is still in preview. The link will be changed later.
Here’s the link:

Enjoy and let me have your comments,

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thanks , a great 3d scene , well done. Some good quality assets. Did you do all the models yourself?

small feedback:

I could not make sense of the 3rd icons functionality ( the camera with waves icon) ? seemed to just move me to some random viewpoint?

Also for zoom sensitivity, the default was soo slow. Also I interpreted the UI incorrectly and adjusted it the wrong direction at first. I think the term “zoom speed” would be less confusing. Then more would mean more and less would mean less. Slide up for more speed , slide down for less speed. Anyway just a suggestion based on me using it incorrectly

chat soon