How to animate an imported mesh?

Hello! I am extremely new to Babylon and am trying to figure out how to animate an imported mesh with quaternion data. I can seem to animate a stock mesh like the box or cylinder but not any imported mesh like the one in the playground. The end goal of this project is to take quaternion and position data and obtain a real-time visualization of the rocket. Please offer any advice and useful links for this problem and project you may have! Thanks!

Here I created spinTo(quaternion) and moveTo(position)-function to animate your rocket movement:

Docs you might be interested in:

Edit: Maybe you also want to create emitting particles by particlesystem, like in this PG:


Here is one of possible approaches with combining simple animations -

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Thank you so much for the help so far. One last question. If I want to create an arc follow camera that focuses on the rocket, it says this._meshTarget.getAbsolutePosition is not a funciton. What am I doing incorrectly?

The target “rocket” you pass to ArcFollowCamera is not a mesh, try use:

var camera = new BABYLON.ArcFollowCamera("",0,0,5,scene.getMeshByName('rocket'),scene);