Car Customization

Hello guys,
this is the first project that I would share with you, I had made it from while
is this project I focused on getting the best possible quality using PBR Material, Rendering Pipelines, GUI and etc with some cool animations.

you can check LiveDemo

Also I have made some other projects using babylonjs I will share it soon!


@PirateJC, this is pretty :slight_smile:

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This is beautiful!

@Karim_Mohammed - any objection to me adding this to our community page?

For sure u can add it ,it will be honor for me

Awesome! I just updated it! It should show up as the third tile on the community page shortly!

Again awesome work!


Hi @Karim_Mohammed ,

For this project, are we able to customize to diff car? is it hard to customize to each car with diff skin wrapping?

Can you PM me your email address?

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@Karim_Mohammed Hi can I get your contact information? any email or skype or?

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Yes, some nice materials. Sad we cannot zoom closer and get a feeling of the microsurface with PBR. Also sad there is no real environment. Else, it looks good and anims are a nice touch. GJ and given the quality of this one, we are certainly eager to see the other projects you’d like to share with us :smiley:

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yes it can be customizable for different cars , sure i will