Augmented reality on ios

Hi, i have a question about augmented reality on iphone

i found VR feature has been supported by WebXRPolyfill

So, anyone know how to implement augmented reality on ios device by any method such as CDN of WebXRPolyfill ??

AR is more than just the rendering. It’s mainly the features that are extending your ability to interact with the world (hit-test, anchors and so on).
The WebXRPolyfill will make VR work. But AR is not supported because those features cannot be polyfilled (well, at least not without an extensive amount of work).
If it’s all about rendering a mesh on top of an image of the real world (pokemon-go-style) you can already do that and don’t require AR or VR for it. Get a stream of the camera, use it as the background texture, and display a mesh on top of it. But this is not true AR…


that’s interesting about alternative method of AR

can you explain how to implement stream of camera as the background texture with a mesh on top ??

That’s not really AR :slight_smile:
You will probably need a device-orientation camera for that to work as you expect it to work.

Video Texture can be used as a texture for meshes - Video As A Texture | Babylon.js Documentation . the last paragraph will show you how to connect your webcam.
Afterwards you will want to organize your scene as you wish.

Or just wait for apple to finally come to their senses and implement WebXR in their silly browser.

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It’s looking closer to possible as all of the dependencies are finally crossed off! Hopefully that means it’s on the horizon:
208988 – [WebXR] Implement WebXR device API (


You can maybe look at Babylon Native for this scenario which has support for ARKit on iOS. Note that this project is still under heavy development.


There’s also Zapworks Universal AR SDK for Babylon.js which I’m itching to try out but haven’t had an opportunity yet.

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