Extended Reality on iOS

Are there plans for BabylonJS to support WebXR/AR on iOS via a custom SLAM algorithm, similar to 8th Wall? I am aware iOS does not support native WebXR, just asking about a bridge/abstraction, as 8th Wall does with their custom SLAM implementation that works well on web on iOS. I am also aware of Babylon Native & Babylon React Native but am focusing on web tech. A similar project is AR.js · GitHub but their plane detection is rough.

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ping @RaananW

We have no plans to integrate any APIs that are not web standards. We will be happy to help with the integration, but the 8th wall API will not be integrated in the core lib, unless they decide to make it a standard.

Having said that - it is more than possible to use 8th wall with Babylon.js. it’s just a matter of calling their API at the right places. I believe 8th wall has a demo example as well - https://www.8thwall.com/docs/api/babylonjs/


To clarify, I was asking about alternatives to 8th Wall (they are very expensive for commercial tiers), and Babylon seemed like a great place to look given its FOSS nature. However, thank you for clarifying you do not have plans to compete with e.g. 8th Wall nor implement support for AR on iOS within the confines of the current state of the Apple ecosystem.

Hi @lotus just a heads up that we’ve found that babylon projects actually “just work” on the vision OS simulator. Just worth noting that Apple’s support for webxr is limited to VR right now and not AR immersive sessions. Also worth noting that 8th wall does a lot in addition to the webxr spec that the webxr spec doesn’t natively handle.